Training & Personalisation

Tetley Tea Training Personalisation

Staff Training
Increasingly, consumers are becoming exploratory in their choices, so it is important that staff have the knowledge and confidence to advise ways in which certain teas can be taken, and the variety of blends on offer.

Customers respond well when serving staff are well-informed and passionate about the products they are selling.

Consider conducting a tea tasting where your team can sit down together and sample various teas, openly discussing and sharing their thoughts.

This also helps highlight the importance of the tea occasion while encouraging staff engagement with customers – benefitting your business by driving sales and generating repeat visits.

Preparing for your Tea Tasting

  • Put aside a couple of hours after a meal, so everyone is comfortable and not distracted by hunger
  • Try to create a relaxed environment
  • Lay out everything in readiness such as cups, saucers and notepads
  • Make sure you're close to the kettle or water boiler
  • Make sure drinking water is available too, or even some plain snacks that can help cleanse the palate and keep people focused

The person leading the tasting will need to be familiar with each blend, so they can guide and educate the rest of the group. Some background research will go a long way to set the scene for the tasting, and you can speak to a Tetley representative if you would like more help. Give each member of the team a chance to have-a-go, from thinking about how they might handle a teapot to their customer conversation.

Discussion points

  • Brewing times for different blends
  • Which blends to serve with milk and without
  • Serving techniques and offering customers an enjoyable experience

Make it a regular
Tea tasting can become a regular event. Every time you stock a new tea, or if you're launching a new food menu, you can try pairing different tea blends with each item.

How do you like your tea?

Educating staff is highly important, but using blend knowledge to aid in your tea serving can only take you so far. Ultimately, how a customer takes their tea is a personal preference, so don’t forget the golden rule of asking them ‘how do you like your tea?’’

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