Thinking outside of the teapot

Tea CakeTea has been loved for centuries as a warming beverage. More recently, chefs have been brewing up a storm in kitchens too. Read on to discover top tips for cooking with tea.

The sumptuously smoky flavours of blends such as Earl Grey can be used as an attention-grabbing crust on dishes like duck. Empty a tea bag into a mortar, and grind with peppercorns and salt. Sprinkle over a duck breast and pan fry.

Bring added Asian flavour to rice and noodles by simmering them in Tetley Green tea before serving. The bitter flavour of the blend can complement vegetables such as broccoli, kale and cabbage.

Deliver richness in stocks by using tea to deglaze your pans. Black tea such as Tetley Original can work well with classic British meals – try drizzling over pies and joints for a unique twist.

Green tea flavoured ice creams have taken fusion cooking by storm. Why not experiment other blends? We’ve even spotted a Tetley Original flavoured ice cream at a restaurant in London!

An ‘oldie’ but a ‘goodie’, tea loaves are synonymous with Tetley’s birthplace, Yorkshire. The fruit for these cakes is soaked in tea to create a moist and moreish cake, perfect for enjoying with a cuppa.

As summer approaches, blending tea with fruit can create sumptuous smoothies. Try tangy blends such as Tetley Summer Berry or Cranberry with different fruit combinations. Serve alongside fruity sweet treats, including cookies and tarts, for a refreshing afternoon treat.

Not technically cooking, creating cocktails from tea is still delicious. 51 Buckingham Gate, a Taj Hotel, has experimented with tea-infused cocktails. One of its most interesting ventures has been a Redbush Mudslide – the sweet and nutty flavours of this blend make for a wonderfully indulgent drink.

With so many different blends available, cooking with tea can introduce a world of unusual flavours to your menu, and infuse passion in chefs who may enjoy testing out these new ingredients.

Has tea made its way onto into your food offer? Do you have a quirky dish that has proven a hit with customers? Share your recipes and images with us @TetleyTeaOOH and we’ll retweet the best.


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