Changing Tastes

The Changing Tastes of Tea Drinkers

'Builder's tea' is a firmly rooted colloquialism in the British lexicon and conjours up the image of a strong, sugary brew that keeps construction workers - and many others at that - refreshed throughout the working day.

However, statistics from Covers Timber and Builders Merchants show that although English Breakfast still remains the go-to tea for builders, an unlikely 11 per cent have developed more refined taste-buds and admit to sipping Earl Grey throughout the day.

And it's not just chippies that are changing their consumption habits when it comes to tea.


The Express article that highlighted this changing dynamic reported one in eight tea drinkers now consume Green Tea on a weekly basis, which is largely attributed to younger people looking for a healthier option.

When considering your tea menu it is essential to take into account these changing tastes and assess who is your target market to ensure you are offering blends that appeal to the ever-discerning consumer.

As people become more concerned with healthy eating and look to make simple changes to their food and drink consumption, Green Tea continues to grow in popularity as well as Decaf or naturally caffeine free options such as Redbush.

Fruit infusions and herbal blends, which are often misclassified as tea, actually derive from a variety of natural ingredients such as leaves, fruits and flowers, rather than a tea plant. Because of this, they are naturally caffeine free and offer the opportunity to add a variety of flavour to your tea menu.

Speciality blends – such as Earl Grey – can also add value to your tea offer as consumers look for something a little more extravagant to satisfy their palate.

So, the next time you go to offer your builder a cuppa, or anyone else for that matter, be sure to ask what their favourite blend is and how they'd like it served – you might be surprised by the answer!

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