Tea Trivia

It takes around five days for a tea bush to produce enough leaves for one tea bag When pouring tea in China, tapping two or three fingers on the table signals gratitude Herbal can be made from the leaves, roots, seeds, bark and even flowers of plants In North and West Africa, tea is poured high above the cup to oxidise it More than 25%of UK milk isconsumedwith tea The plant, known as camellia sinensis, is an evergreen The name chamomile originates from Greek words “chamos”, which means ground and milos which means apple Tea gardens in the Assam region of India follow a separate time zone, called ‘Tea Garden Time’ or ‘Bagantime’ The correct term for herbal tea is 'tisane' Kuwait consumes more tea per capita than any other country in the world On average, the first cup of tea is consumed at 8am In the 17th Century, tea arrived in Europe via Dutch and Portuguese sailors If a tea plant is left unharvested it can grow up to 52 feet in height Tea has been enjoyed as part of Eastern culture for 4500 years - but only came to the West 450 years ago

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