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The Truth Behind Green Tea

green tea

Mintel research shows that as many as 12% of Brits drink green tea on a weekly basis, demonstrating the nation’s love for this blend.

Although sales are growing at a consistent rate in the UK, demand for the blend is nothing new. Green tea originated in China, and consumption spread throughout Asia. Cultivated from the same plant as black tea, Camellia Sinensis – the difference comes from a delayed oxidisation process, which helps green tea retain its fresh, uplifting flavour.

Tea by the seaside

Newquay-Beaches-Fistral-300x199A family run hotel in Newquay situated close to the bay, Sandy Lodge Hotel is the perfect location to lap up the sunshine, an ideal getaway for those looking to holiday in the UK and enjoy all the comforts of home. 

Guests can wake up with a brew every morning, in the elegant dining room. Iconic Tetley Original is served with a traditional breakfast. Classic tea ware continues the theme, with milk and sugar available; guests can make tea to a standard they would enjoy at home.

Driving sustainable growth

teaBecoming a renowned location is no easy task. The secret seems to lie in the quality of the beverages on offer – Allegra’s consumer panel rated this its most important factor. One of the factors which stands out above all others in achieving this is sustainability.

Allegra reports 74% of Brits value social and environmental reputation when purchasing hot beverages. Additionally, restaurant listings website, OpenTable, 71% of out of home customers are more likely to visit an establishment with an accreditation from a reputable sustainability organisation.

Bolstering success at Papa’s Barn

chippyWalking into Papa’s Barn, in Ditton, Kent, new customers are greeted with a pleasant surprise. The fresh, modern building is home to more than your average local takeaway; it’s the location of one of the most highly commended independent fish restaurants in the UK.

Those familiar with the business will understand why. Highly selective sourcing and excellent marketing strategies have helped create a family restaurant that stands out from the competition; which has secured it a place as the 2014 National Fish and Chip Awards regional winner for the South East.

Make Time for Mums

mothersdayMother’s Day is one of the biggest dates in the calendar for foodservice operators – and a great opportunity to go the extra mile to help mums feel special.

Operators can attract families by creating an experience around their offer, for example, decorating tables with fresh flowers and chocolates will help create a homely atmosphere.

Thinking outside of the teapot

Tea CakeTea has been loved for centuries as a warming beverage. More recently, chefs have been brewing up a storm in kitchens too. Read on to discover top tips for cooking with tea.

The sumptuously smoky flavours of blends such as Earl Grey can be used as an attention-grabbing crust on dishes like duck. Empty a tea bag into a mortar, and grind with peppercorns and salt. Sprinkle over a duck breast and pan fry.

Bring added Asian flavour to rice and noodles by simmering them in Tetley Green tea before serving. The bitter flavour of the blend can complement vegetables such as broccoli, kale and cabbage.

Deliver richness in stocks by using tea to deglaze your pans. Black tea such as Tetley Original can work well with classic British meals – try drizzling over pies and joints for a unique twist.

Going ‘Tea-Total’ this January

dryathlonpintThis January, Tetley partnered with Cancer Research UK, to sponsor its Dryathlon campaign for the second year, encouraging consumers to go ‘tea-total’ for one month, by swapping pints for a refreshing cup of Tetley.

Many consumers kick off the new year with healthy resolutions, and for Dryathlon participants, this meant cutting out alcohol in favour of healthier options.

Final figures are yet to be released, but the charity is aiming to raise £7.5m, reaching 85,000 participants this January. As part of its support package, Tetley helped Cancer Research UK to engage with participants through social media. To date this Tetley-specific content has reached 250,000 users, driving over 4,000 sign-ups to the Dryathlon campaign.

Traditional tea, with a difference

PeggyEvery year, visitors flock to the New Forest to enjoy England’s enchanting natural heritage. Many choose to visit the charming town of Lymington, where they take a break from exploring with another English treasure – a delicious cup of Tetley, served at Peggy May’s Café.

Afternoon tea has proven so popular at this tiny café, that owner Cat has created several different options to offer something new to returning guests. A classic high tea includes scones, jam, clotted cream, and sandwiches, although visitors can also choose a more savoury ‘Huntsman’s Tea’ with cheese scones and chutney. All are served with a refreshing Tetley tea, served in a porcelain teapot.

Tea’s Top Tier

TajAfternoon tea originated with Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who invented the concept at a time when most people would only have two meals a day, which led her to complain of a ‘sinking feeling’ in the afternoon. She therefore decided to consume a pot of tea and a light bite, taken privately in her boudoir. She was soon joined by her friends, and the practice became so popular, that it spread throughout London.

The resurgence of this traditional dining style has allowed foodservice outlets of all types to create a point of difference on their menu. With an option to suit every customer, Tetley Tea Academy explores some of the most interesting afternoon tea concepts to give you inspiration.

Trending teas

blogTetley Tea Academy asked Irene Gorman, Communications manager of the UK Tea & Infusions Association, why the nation is falling even more in love with this classic beverage.

“There are lots of situations where I’ve noticed that tea has become increasingly popular. For instance, people would drink coffee after a dinner party, but more and more people are now choosing to drink tea.

“There’s such a wide range now from Earl Grey to Ceylon; if you don’t like any of those, there are others you may like. People don’t say, I don’t like wine, but rather, I like red, or I like dry wine; it’s the same thing with tea.

“You wouldn’t have asked yourself a few years ago, will I like that particular blend of tea. We didn’t really have an opinion about it; it wasn’t a discussion point. But that’s all changed now.

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