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Growth of Fruit and Herbal Out of Home

fruit herbalThere’s no doubt about it –consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous with their taste preferences, seeking out new and exciting flavours to stimulate the taste buds and invigorate the senses. This shift in behaviour has seen sales of Fruit and Herbal blends increase rapidly, providing a huge profit opportunity across the foodservice sector.

Tea drinkers are moving away from the classic brew, seeking out premium blends within the fruit and herbal category for their flavour varieties and reduced caffeine content – a real draw for health conscious consumers.

Tetley’s experience at lunch!

This September Tetley exhibited at lunch! one of the biggest food-to-go trade events of the calendar year. The show provided the perfect launch platform for Tetley’s best-ever envelope range, exclusive to foodservice operators and available from November 2015.

Tetley was also proud sponsor of the Café Life Awards, which saw the return of the Afternoon Tea Experience Challenge. With some of the UK’s most inventive cafés creating bespoke menus, paired perfectly with a Tetley blend.

From a Mad Hatters Tea Party to a sushi inspired menu, the judges had a tough challenge on their hands. However, it was a traditional Devonshire cream tea that stole the show, created by the Old Forge Caffé in Devon.

On The Go Opportunity

onthegoThe food to go sector has seen consistent and positive growth, accounting for 29% of out of home eating visits in Q2 2015. With consumers’ lifestyles becoming increasingly busy, operators must find ways to provide consumers with the same quality and taste they know and love, but on the move.

A cup of hot tea is one of the most popular drinks in the UK and the sales opportunity it offers spans across all day parts, with consumers enjoying tea from morning to night. There are a number of shopping missions and consumer needs that could result in the purchase of a takeaway brew, from breakfast on the move to an afternoon refreshment. Catering to these purchase opportunities is essential for those looking to capitalise on the growing on the go market.

Issues with serving hot beverages on the go are still evident, with common complaints such as fuss, drips and mess common factors dissuading customers from purchasing take-away tea. To combat this issue operators must provide hassle free quality on the go in order to draw in the crowds and increase sales.

Best-Ever Enveloped Tea Range Launch

Today, the nation’s most well-known tea brand, Tetley , announces the launch of its best-ever enveloped tea range, exclusive to foodservice operators and available from November 2015.

Tetley products group web4

In response to these findings, Tetley has developed a collection of ten enveloped teas to help operators maximise their tea menus, by offering consumers a wider selection of blends to suit a variety of taste preferences and complement each day part. Comprising a assortment of new and improved flavour combinations, the range includes top-selling, natural and new fruit & herbal and green blends. The new introductions feature Raspberry and Pomegranate, Lemon and Ginger, Mint Fusion and tropical Green Tea with Mango, supported by existing favourites Camomile and Green Tea with Lemon, Rainforest Alliance accredited black tea formats, English Breakfast and Earl Grey, and completed with the brand’s Great Taste Award winning Decaffeinated and Pure Green Tea blends.

Back to School with Tetley Tea

backtoschoolSeptember sees the start of the new school term, and staff rooms and canteens across the UK will be a hive of activity as teachers and students alike grab a quick break from their studies. Away from the classroom, consumer outlets including cafes will benefit from the back to school rush, as parents take time out after the school run, and older students seek refuge between lectures.

In an expanding market, the potential for operators to profit from tea sales as the news school term starts is enormous. To appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences, Tetley recommends stocking a range of between four and five blends of tea, including iconic Tetley Original Tea, Green Tea, Peppermint, Camomile and Decaf. Additionally younger consumers tend to have sweeter taste preferences, with fruit and herbal blends driving growth in the category, with sales up 10.4% as reported by recent Nielsen data. Green tea can also be especially profitable, with young people strong supporters of this rapidly growing market. Tetley Pure Green Tea recently won a 2015 Great Taste Award, praised for its smooth and mellow flavour, ideal during any day-part.

The Lunch Time Trend

Lunch Time TrendAs the UK economy continues its recovery, the eating out sector has also continued to grow, up by 2.7% in value and with the number of average meals eaten out per month growing to 9.2 per person. In this climate however, its need to stay ahead of the competition is ever more vital. It is the lunch time occasion that has evolved a number of interesting and innovative food trends, offering the busy worker a new take on UK lunch staples.

A string of new companies are leading the way to offer healthy and nutritious lunch time meals, a far cry from the traditional sandwich, as well as an on-going evolution in the drinks people choose alongside their meal.

Make time and enjoy the Tetley experience at Lunch!

LunchTetley is exhibiting at the multi-award winning trade show Lunch!, which returns to the Business Design Centre, London between the 24-25th September 2015. Tetley will be unveiling an exciting new launch and invites you to sample its latest product range, located on stand U116.

Tetley will be showcasing its new range of blends on stand, with tea tastings throughout the day. Sharing hints and tips with operators, including serving style suggestions and advice on how to personalise your tea offering. Discover recipe inspiration with Tetley’s new food pairings, created in partnership with The Craft Guild of Chef’s Lee Maycock, a series of dishes, designed to inspire and excite the taste buds, all based on current food trends and perfectly complimenting Tetley’s diverse range of tea solutions.

Fruit Summer Teas

Fruit Summer TimeSummer is finally here, and with the number of consumers dining out of home continuing to increase, it’s vital for operators to have a varied beverage menu full of fruit, herbal and seasonally inspired blends, to keep profits growing.

Demand for new tea drinking experiences is rising, and as a result, the speciality tea market has grown by 3.3% in the last 12 months, with two thirds of consumers wanting to see specialised chains on the high street.

Tea Break Mission

UK workers are potentially damaging their productivity levels and wellbeing as only a third manage to take a proper tea break according to new research out today.Tea Break

A study of 2,000 British workers, commissioned by Tetley, examined the nation’s approach to tea breaks and found that:

The importance of water

The importance of waterThe importance of water shouldn't be under-estimated; it comprises 70% of the Earth's surface and two-thirds of the human body, with our cells and organs depending on it to function correctly. Put simply – water is essential for us to survive. 

But why? With a number of functions that are fundamental to protect and conserve the body, from protecting the spinal cord and tissues, to transporting oxygen to cells and regulating temperature, water is also the most important factor influencing the body’s method of retaining nutrients. The food we eat is water-soluble and when broken down, valuable nutrients can be easily absorbed and passed around the body through the blood. In addition to ensuring the body can absorb vitamins and minerals, water removes and flushes out toxins that are harmful.

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