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Driving Summer Tea Sales

Tetley Ice TeaSummer has finally arrived and with that comes a change in consumers drinking habits. Tetley’s fruit and herbal blends provide a refreshing and hydrating hit of flavour, perfect for warmer summer days. To increase your tea sales this season, Tetley advise operators to stock a range of sizes and formats, including a variety of green, fruit & herbal and speciality teas. The premium envelope range provides an assortment of flavours that provide different flavour blends, which complement all day parts and consumer taste preferences.

Tetley Launches Industry Leading Resealable Catering Packs

Valentines DayThis April, with the launch of its new resealable catering packs, Tetley will combat common issues surrounding the quality of tea out of home, such as taste and freshness, to ensure caterers are delivering a superior tea drinking experience with the taste and quality of serve consumers expect from their beloved brew.

As a nation we are known for our love of tea and this demand for a refreshing cuppa shows no sign of slowing down, with a whopping 4billion cups now consumed out of home in the UK . When it comes to the nations’ favourite beverage, consumers are the ultimate tea baristas and know what they love. When purchasing a cup of tea out of home, they expect to receive the same quality and taste they would experience at home and Tetley’s new resealable packs will help caterers to meet this expectation.

New year, new you

New Year New YouNew year, new you is a common January mantra. With health and well-being higher on the consumer agenda than ever before, operators should offer customers a wide range of taste, strength and flavour options. With less caffeine than coffee, tea is the perfect choice for those wanting to reduce their caffeine intake .The human body made up of an outstanding 75% water, so a refreshing cup of tea can help to effectively hydrate the body too.

Get ready for Valentine's Day

Valentines DayValentine’s day is fast approaching and with consumer spend over the Valentine’s period predicted to have reached £1.9bn in the UK last year, there is a clear opportunity for operators to capitalise on this increased consumer spend and create an atmosphere and offer that will draw in the crowds. 

Tetley’s new £10m Best of British Campaign

TVThis week sees the launch of Tetley’s new £10m campaign ‘It Starts With Tea’ that celebrates the best of Britain since 1837, the year that Joseph and Edward Tetley first founded their business in Yorkshire. Kicking off with a 40 second TV Ad starring the Tetley tea folk in a tongue in cheek celebration of Tetley’s role as a catalyst in iconic moments from British history that make you smile.

Since their inception in 1973, the Tetley Tea Folk have starred in 70 TV ads and have provided some of the most memorable advertising on Britain’s TV screens. The new ad sees national treasures Gaffer, Sydney and Tina stroll back in time to celebrate the best things about Britain – all of which probably started with a cuppa!”

Tetley Launches Teas First Animated Sales Assistant

gaffaTetley has unveiled another first for the tea industry with the appointment of a virtual sales assistant who will begin work for them in selected Cash & Carry and Wholesalers. The first application went live in Bestway on 1st December.

Featuring an attention grabbing animated Gaffer, the new assistant uses the best in technology to attract buyers and point them to the offers to be found in the tea aisle.

Sensational Serving

Over half of all drinks consumed Out of Home are hot beverages and with customers increasingly searching for quality, a stylish serve is essential when creating a premium atmosphere within your establishment.

Consumers are looking to treat themselves at this time of year and are searching for the ultimate festive experience, so themed and tailored dining in and takeaway options will give your offer a premium edge that will keep customers coming back for more.

Festive Flavours

As the temperature dial drops and Christmas and January sales shoppers look for an excuse to escape the cold, serving a variety of blends that evoke the tastes and scents of the season will create an overall festive feel that consumers know and love. With 1 in 4 beverages consumed out of home being tea, there’s no better time of the year to create a profitable tea menu.

Customers are increasingly looking for an experience when dining out of home, which is driving demand for diversity on menus. High-street chains have seen great success with the launch of festive menus and consumers expect to see something premium on offer at this time of year. Tea purchase is growing +1.0% yoy, in comparison to coffee which is in decline -2.9%; offering operators a prosperous profit opportunity via their tea menu over the festive season. Pair this with the fact that a well known brand is the most important factor in tea drinkers choice, and can increase sales by up to 51%, Christmas and the New Year will be lucrative periods for operators offering a comprehensive seasonal offering.

Growth of Fruit and Herbal Out of Home

fruit herbalThere’s no doubt about it –consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous with their taste preferences, seeking out new and exciting flavours to stimulate the taste buds and invigorate the senses. This shift in behaviour has seen sales of Fruit and Herbal blends increase rapidly, providing a huge profit opportunity across the foodservice sector.

Tea drinkers are moving away from the classic brew, seeking out premium blends within the fruit and herbal category for their flavour varieties and reduced caffeine content – a real draw for health conscious consumers.

Tetley’s experience at lunch!

This September Tetley exhibited at lunch! one of the biggest food-to-go trade events of the calendar year. The show provided the perfect launch platform for Tetley’s best-ever envelope range, exclusive to foodservice operators and available from November 2015.

Tetley was also proud sponsor of the Café Life Awards, which saw the return of the Afternoon Tea Experience Challenge. With some of the UK’s most inventive cafés creating bespoke menus, paired perfectly with a Tetley blend.

From a Mad Hatters Tea Party to a sushi inspired menu, the judges had a tough challenge on their hands. However, it was a traditional Devonshire cream tea that stole the show, created by the Old Forge Caffé in Devon.

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