Shortlist announced for Afternoon Tea Experience Awards

The Tetley blenders have been busy judging all the entries from the Café Life Afternoon Tea Experience Awards. The overwhelming response was packed with inspired entries, and after a tough contest, we’re pleased to announce a shortlist of the final five:

Afternoon Tea with Lemon Green Tea
Alexander Campbell, A Great Little Place


This design includes Formby Asparagus and Herb Tartlets and Bergamot Scented Scones with Gooseberry and Elderflower Curd. It will be served at the Southport Flower Show, and the creator wanted the menu to reflect local produce and its gardens and growing project. Tetley Lemon Green Tea was seen to pair wonderfully with the sweet and savoury elements and serving it either hot or cold offered flexibility depending on the weather.

George W. Red Bush Afternoon Tea
Jonathan Howard, Fresh Pak

The popularity of American cuisine is growing in the UK, and the Tetley blenders were sure this menu would go down a treat. Peach syrup, rosemary and bourbon whiskey are mingled with Tetley Redbush to create an innovative Kentucky Iced Tea. Served alongside Pulled Pork Sliders and Orange, White Chocolate and Pecan Pie.

Tea, Cake and Sandwich
James Ingram, Mercedes-AMG-HPP


Befitting a company that prides itself on engineering, the unusual structure of this deceptively simple-sounding menu surprised our blenders. Smoked Salmon, Cucumber & Dill Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting and a Strawberry & Vanilla Sandwich are sure to excite customers. Described as a mixed up ‘British afternoon tea,’ it will be served alongside another native classic, Tetley Black Tea.

‘St Clements’ 1958 Afternoon Tea
Terry Wiggins, House of Commons

“Oranges and Lemons, Says the Bells of St Clements,” is the lyrical London inspiration behind a menu deliverd by one of the capital’s landmark institutions. The tanginess of Tetley Lemon Green Tea is perfectly matched with Orange Drizzle Cake and a Mature Cheese Scone with Lime Chili Curd, decribed as a “Trail of fruity, fresh and tart citrus flavours.”

Tetley Lemon Green Tea Garden Experience
Dominic Salter, Sandwich Box


Tetley Lemon Green Tea inspired this garden-themed menu, complete with Open Rye Trout Sandwich with Nettle Salsa Verde and Allotment Patch Cake. Targeted at true ‘foodies’ and those seeking local and seasonal produce, Tetley Lemon and Green tea is described as an indulgent refreshment for this earthy menu.

The winner will be announced on 23rd September at the Café Life Awards Dinner, so return to this page soon for details.

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