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TeaBritain is a nation built on tea and the loyal cuppa is an iconic symbol of British culture. To engage with the tea drinker of both today and tomorrow, the industry must continue to evolve and innovate. The dedicated educational resources Tetley offers provides operators with the information and insight needed to take advantage of the opportunity the Great British brew has to offer.

Tetley Tea Masters

In 2016, Tetley launched Tetley Tea Masters – the first ever UK online tea training course. Created specifically for the out of home industry - whether you work front of house, are a tea buyer, or someone in the management department - anyone at any level will find Tetley’s industry approved foundation level course insightful and easy to use.

Taking users on a journey from crop to cup, Tetley’s Master Tea Blender Sebastian Michaelis presents the course and addresses some of the biggest barriers in tea, such as poor knowledge and quality of serve. Developed with CPL – the leading provider of e-learning for the UK retail hospitality sector, Tetley’s education platform comprises of four modules, each containing a short training video followed by a multiple-choice test.

Following completion of the course each user will be presented with a personalised certificate to put on display in their outlet to promote their qualification. Additionally users will be sent marketing support, including free POS based on their industry sector and needs.

Are you the next Tetley Tea Master? Start your journey now:

The Tea Report 2017

On the 7th December, Tetley introduced The Tea Report 2017 – the first of an annual overview of the out of home hot beverage market, specifically looking at tea. Produced to support operators and caterers alike, the report offers a deep dive into current trends in the market, providing invaluable insight and a nod towards the future of the industry.

Discover the latest insight in the out of home tea industry in The Tea Report 2017:

Tetley Tea Academy

Tetley’s dedicated trade website provides the complete platform for out of home operators to help them serve tea the way customers expect and want. The Tetley Tea Academy combines all of the resources, product information and advice all in one - easy to use – place.

After all, it starts with tea.

Explore out dedicated trade website:

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