Sensational Serving

Over half of all drinks consumed Out of Home are hot beverages and with customers increasingly searching for quality, a stylish serve is essential when creating a premium atmosphere within your establishment.

Consumers are looking to treat themselves at this time of year and are searching for the ultimate festive experience, so themed and tailored dining in and takeaway options will give your offer a premium edge that will keep customers coming back for more.

The perfect brew is not simply created by a quality blend like Tetley, it can be determined by a number of factors that contribute to the overall taste and flavour. Tetley has previously identified the eight simple steps that when followed can deliver the best serve here, but upgrading some of these methods will enable operators to take a Christmas and New Year offer to the next level and make the most of this season.

The serving vessel is highly important when creating the perfect brew and experience, many considering the launch of the Starbucks red cup as the start of the festive period. Scientists at University College London found that the smooth surface of a china cup or mug keeps the natural tannins in the tea from sticking to the side, helping to give a more complete flavour, so apply this knowledge and serve your warming offer in a seasonally themed china cup.

Fruit and herbal teas are best served in a spacious glass cup as this displays the bright colour and allows the infusion to swell, ensuring maximum flavour. Adding sliced fruits and spices that reflect the overall flavour of the blend such as cinnamon and oranges, will differentiates between standard offers that consumers can find throughout the year. Themed take away options in festive reds and greens will allow those looking for a warming pick me up to enjoy their beverage on the go.

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