New leaves for 2015

greenConsumers are becoming more nutritionally aware, with almost double claiming ‘health’ as an important factor in their food and drink choices between 1995 and 2012. At no point in the year is this more prominent than in January. 

Losing weight, getting fit and a enjoying a healthier diet tops the list of New Year’s resolutions. As customers make these lifestyle changes, foodservice operators will need to adapt their offer too.

Often, the best-kept resolutions are the simplest, and it’s these easy to achieve changes that are behind the growing trend for ‘health by stealth’ products, helping consumers to make virtuous choices without compromising on taste.

Foodservice operators can grab a slice of this profitable development by making simple changes themselves, and stocking products like Tetley Decaf. Our expert blenders have created a blend that offers the much loved flavour of Tetley Original, and the characteristic Tetley ‘red’ colour when brewed, so customers won’t feel like they’re missing out by choosing a tea that has only 0.2% of the caffeine.

We’ve even received a Great Taste Award for our efforts, and by sharing this information on menus, operators can bring a virtuous glow to their establishment too.

Tetley Decaf has proven so popular, it’s now available in both 25s and 440s packs, designed to meet demand in January and beyond.

Operators may also like to explore Green Tea. Research shows that consumers perceive this as healthier. Green Tea sales tend to peak in January, and last year Tetley saw 87% uplift in sales, meaning there’s an opportunity for operators to capitalise on the market as well.

In testament to the best New Year’s resolutions being the ones that are easiest to commit to, 36% of consumers claim they don’t have enough time to relax or ‘do whatever they want,’ according to Mintel’s Healthy Lifestyles UKreport. As customers take stock of their daily routine, many will be looking to make space in their schedules for ‘time out’.

Foodservice outlets are perfectly placed to provide space for consumers to unwind while out of home. Cater to this market by providing comfortable spaces; whether it’s a quieter corner of the restaurant, a ‘silent’ room in a shopping centre, or a chillout zone in a café. Pop’s Café in Maidstone has even given its lounge area a Morrocan-theme.

Serving the right blends is vital too. Tea has long been synonymous with making time to relax, and Tetley is keeping this association relevant with its new range of Mood Infusions blends. These wonderfully aromatic and flavoursome blends contain ingredients as orange blossom, lemon balm and sarapsilla root, and are completely caffeine-free. Options comprise ‘Calm’, ‘Serenity’, ‘Warmth’ and ‘Pick Me Up’, meaning operators can serve a cuppa that meets customers’ different needstates.

It’s also important not to be afraid of maximising dwell-time. The increased footfall will bolster profitability, and by encouraging customers to stay longer, you’ll also be able to upsell food alongside your blends.

Tetley has partnered with top nutritionist, Jackie Lynch, to pair the Mood Infusions blends with light bites to match the flavours and moods of each. For example, Jackie recommends serving Tetley Serenity with a Turkey Club Sandwich made with Wholegrain Bread. High levels of the amino acid, tryptophan, are found in turkey, which can be converted by the body into the good mood neurotransmitter, serotonin, perfect for putting customers in a good mood.

Are you making a resolution to give your business a boost in 2015? Or perhaps you’ve designed an offer to help customers escape daily stresses? Tweet us your ideas @TetleyTeaOOH


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