Meeting high expectations at Wookey Hole


A key component of Wookey Hole's tea offer is within the hotel's 58 rooms. Here the provision of Tetley Black Tea envelopes and tea making facilities caters to families who enjoy tea as part of their daily routine and are seeking the comforts of home.

After requests from ice cream parlour customers, Fruit and Herbal blends were introduced in this outlet. To begin with, Lynn chose to experiment with a Fruit and Herbal starter pack, and following this, sales proved so strong that these blends have now been introduced around the site and are selling well.

Using her existing relationship with Creed Foodservice to source blends, Lynn has been able to build her relationship with Tetley. The idea of an 'Alice in Wonderland' tea party theme was proposed, with parts of the attraction decorated accordingly. With the help of a real life Alice to distribute samples, Tetley was able to provide parents who visited the attraction with a complimentary pack of tea to take home.

In-fitting with the culinary heritage of the local area, Lynn has opted for a serving style that uses traditional teacups and teapots, building positive customer perceptions of her tea service. This is especially important in the 400-seater restaurant, where premium blends such as Tetley Peppermint and Tetley Earl Grey are served throughout the day, and form part of a classic continental breakfast for hotel guests.

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