Making Time for Tetley at Thorpe Park Resort

Thorpe ParkThorpe Park Resort has joined forces with Tetley to provide guests with tea from a brand they know and love. 

More than 11,000 cups of Tetley tea have been sold at  the Resort this season. Due to this volume, Thorpe Park Resort has opted for Tetley Original One Cup packs – an economical solution which comes in sizes between 440 and 1540 teabags.  Samantha Tudor, Food and Beverage Manager says this is because it is the best way to provide a quick and efficient service to their guests.

“We  use a lot of tea throughout the year, and the peak period for our sales tends to be during the colder weather,” says Samantha. With the Resort open late into the night and in the chilly months of March and October, hot drinks are an essential part of the food and beverage offering.

For this reason, tea is sold in every Thorpe Park branded unit within the Resort. In the Thorpe Shark Hotel restaurant, Bar 360, Tetley Original is served in porcelain cups to accompany guests’ meals. At the kiosks, the emphasis is on takeaway tea.

A cup of Tetley Original to take away helps guests make time for Tetley during their action-packed day out. Heatproof cups with sip lids mean guests can grab a cuppa while they’re moving around the Resort, queuing for rides or enjoying the entertainment offering

Wherever tea is served, it is offered with a full range of condiments, including milk, sugar, serviettes and stirrers. “Everyone takes their tea differently, so we like to serve it in a way so that each customer  can make it their own,” says Samantha.

Samantha says, “We chose Tetley because it provides a flavoursome tea that brews to a satisfying colour and is suitable for accommodating all guests’ preferences, from those who prefer a very strong tea to those who may like it quite weak”.

Partnering with a recognised brand was important to Thorpe Park Resort. The Tetley logo can be found on hot beverage menus, communicating to guests that the Resort serves high quality tea. To support their sales, Tetley has also sponsored the Resort’s teacup ride, “Storm in a Teacup”.

Resort guests can now enjoy a unique experience from Tetley. After they’ve been whirled around on the ride, they can take a photo with the Tea Folk at their ‘seaside-style’ photoboard, and upload it to Facebook and Twitter for the chance to win a year’s supply of tea.


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