Make Time for Mums

mothersdayMother’s Day is one of the biggest dates in the calendar for foodservice operators – and a great opportunity to go the extra mile to help mums feel special.

Operators can attract families by creating an experience around their offer, for example, decorating tables with fresh flowers and chocolates will help create a homely atmosphere.

Hot beverages should be a key menu focus, as more than 62% of consumers purchasing during the middle of the day are female, and catching up over a cuppa is a renowned way to spend quality time together.

On special occasions like Mother’s Day, it can be worthwhile to provide unusual products that may not be part of your standard offer. The Tetley Mood Infusions range delivers a twist on some of Tetley’s most popular fruit and herbal blends, which are particularly popular among women, and is perfect for serving as part of a Mothering Sunday afternoon tea. With variants including ‘Calm’, Pick Me Up’, ‘Serenity’ and ‘Warmth’, mums will be assured that indulgence is the order of the day.

Studies show that families are particularly selective about where they choose to eat out on Mothering Sunday, therefore attention to detail is more important than ever. Whether it’s miniature baked goods you serve, or luxuriously rich desserts, decorate each one to impress.

Continue this thought when serving your guests. Go to mums first, and remember to ask how they take their tea. You may prefer to provide milk and sugar on tables, but if not, ensure to ask whether they would like their refreshment made with these. Also take into account their preference for strength.

Serving tea from a pot can raise perceptions. It’s crucial to advise how long it has been brewing, and to make a recommendation as to how long to leave it before drinking. Customers will be curious to know what’s inside the pot, so use a string teabag and display the tag outside of the lid. Tetley is the tea brand most trusted by consumers, so can provide powerful reassurance.

Tetley suggests marketing your Mother’s Day offer as a set price menu. Whether you operate a café serving a slice of cake and a hot drink, or a pub or restaurant serving a three-course meal, helping customers gauge their spend can encourage group family bookings.

However you celebrate Mother’s Day, make sure this year’s event is special. Send us your plans @TetleyTeaOOH… mum’s the word!

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