Growth of Fruit and Herbal Out of Home

fruit herbalThere’s no doubt about it –consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous with their taste preferences, seeking out new and exciting flavours to stimulate the taste buds and invigorate the senses. This shift in behaviour has seen sales of Fruit and Herbal blends increase rapidly, providing a huge profit opportunity across the foodservice sector.

Tea drinkers are moving away from the classic brew, seeking out premium blends within the fruit and herbal category for their flavour varieties and reduced caffeine content – a real draw for health conscious consumers.

Recent research by Nielsen revealed that year on year, total tea market Fruit and Herbal sales have grown by 10.4%, presenting a significant opportunity for out-of-home operators , cash & carry outlets and wholesalers. Coffee chains have embraced this category growth, developing their menus to include exotic flavor innovations and speciality teas. As a result 17.2% of consumers are now choosing to purchase tea in coffee shops when out of home.

Breakfast is a key area of growth for Fruit and Herbal tea, with 28% of purchases occurring between 6am-9am. Energising and revitalising blends with citrus notes can boost sales during this day-part as consumers look for a zesty morning beverage. Snacking and lunch also present profit opportunities, as consumers opt for a refreshing hot drink alongside their food.

Tetley’s newly developed envelope range includes blends bursting with natural and intense fruity flavours such as all-new Tetley Green Tea with Mango, which provides a tropical taste explosion. In addition, the new, deliciously fruity Raspberry and Pomegranate blend pairs perfectly with sweet breakfast foods such as Granola Bars, packed full of seasonal fruits, seeds and nuts, or on-trend Bircher Pots, sweetened with fruits and honey. For more menu inspiration, don’t miss our food pairings created in conjunction with Lee Maycock of the Craft Guild of Chef’s, available exclusively on the Tetley Tea Academy website.

Tips for the perfect fruity cuppa

  • Use freshly boiled water and brew the tea bag for 3-5 minutes, before squeezing out the flavour
  • Served without milk
  • Personalise with the addition of honey or sugar
  • For an extra special serve, use a glass vessel to highlight the bright and refreshing colours Fruit and Herbal blends offer

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