Get Ready for Healthier Consumer Trends

Green Lemon TeaThe Taste of the Future 2020 report identified that healthy options will be the most significant long-term consumer trend impacting the UK. Many consumers now look for products that will help them improve their diet, health and overall lifestyle. Yet, many don’t want to compromise on the branded products that they know and love. For operators, this provides an excellent opportunity to sell healthier versions of existing and admired brands, appealing to the ever-increasing health conscious consumer.

Mintel research has shown that last year 55% of Brits tried to lose weight, this equates to 29 million people. So for many, the New Year signified the start of lifestyle improvements, and around seven million Brits made a New Year’s resolution to improve an aspect of their health. Whether it’s to introduce a balanced diet or to lose a few extra pounds, many consumers will seek products that are nutritious, contain a minimal amount of calories and are low in sugar or fat. And, as the nation’s favourite hot drink – tea is no exception. 

 Many still believe that to be healthy there needs to be a compromise on flavour and taste – but this is simply not the case. Operators can now stock-up with a variety of specialist and herbal blends acknowledging the change in consumers’ tastes. Tea blends such as Green, Decaf and Redbush can be sold alongside Black Tea to attract the health-led consumer and convert non-tea drinkers too. Research conducted by Tetley has shown that during January last year, sales of Green Tea rose by 40% and fruit and herbal rose by almost 15%.

For those customers who are looking to limit their caffeine intake, Decaf is a great option with the same taste as Black Tea but only a fraction of the caffeine. Lee Maycock, vice chairman of the Craft Guild of Chefs explains this blend is a great match alongside healthy breakfast options like porridge, poached eggs or wholegrain bagels.

For lunch, Green Tea or Green Tea with Lemon complements tangy and full flavoured foods. Lee explains these can be served alongside dishes like smoked chicken or mango salsa flatbread, and are distinctively smooth and refreshing. They also provide a caffeine kick, which allows consumers to get through the rest of the day.

Redbush is a great choice throughout the day and even works well alongside a light evening meal. It’s a naturally caffeine-free beverage, just as hydrating as water and has a deliciously distinct sweet flavour and nutty qualities. Additionally the versatility of this tea will appeal to a range of customers; it can be enjoyed hot or cold, with or without milk and sugar – ideal for those who are looking to cut back on the calories.

In an ever-expanding marketplace, it has never been more essential to stay ahead of the competition. There is a need for continuous innovation by operators in order to keep up with the high expectations of customers, especially when it comes to healthier and lower calorie choices. Operators can embrace the start of these new trends by providing appealing, healthier beverages.

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