Driving Summer Tea Sales

Tetley Ice TeaSummer has finally arrived and with that comes a change in consumers drinking habits. Tetley’s fruit and herbal blends provide a refreshing and hydrating hit of flavour, perfect for warmer summer days. To increase your tea sales this season, Tetley advise operators to stock a range of sizes and formats, including a variety of green, fruit & herbal and speciality teas. The premium envelope range provides an assortment of flavours that provide different flavour blends, which complement all day parts and consumer taste preferences.


The range is bursting with natural and intense fruity flavours such as Green Tea with Mango, which provides a tropical taste explosion. Green tea is growing phenomenally well and scored the highest rating in our latest consumer research. Other additions include the intensely fruity Raspberry and Pomegranate, zesty Lemon and Ginger and our Mint Fusion tea - a restorative and complex blend of peppermint, spearmint and applemint leaves.

Many blends can be used in tea infusions, tea cocktails and even cooking recipes. Smoothies are a popular beverage on summer menus, but tea is also creeping in to this much-loved fruity favourite. Adding blends such as green tea with blueberries for a morning boost, or even the traditional black tea paired with vanilla for an afternoon pick me up, offer something different for your customers.

Tea virgin cocktails can make a great addition to your menu too. For a fruity twist, you can mix Earl Grey tea with orange juice to create a zingy burst of flavour or for a more refreshing drink, pair green tea with mint for a take on the popular mojito – a Mojitea.

An evolving culinary art, pairing tea with food is the perfect way to enhance the taste of both the dish and the drink itself, and picking the right tea can turn any mealtime into an exciting dining experience. As customers make the most of eating outside in the sunshine, hand-held snacks like sandwiches and wraps are a great addition to summer menus. Fast-food style dishes like a Kimchi wrap, embrace the street-food revolution currently sweeping the nation. Originating in Korea, kimchi is made by fermenting a range of vegetables and seasonings, creating a sweet and sour taste sensation. We’d recommend serving this with a Mint Fusion, which will refresh the taste buds and cleanse the palette, making each mouthful a masterpiece!

For more tea and food pairing inspiration click here.

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