Case study: Brean Leisure Park

imagesBoasting a swimming complex, soft play area, golf course, bowling alley and funfair, Brean Leisure has something for everyone, and as a result has become one of the South West’s leading family destinations. To match the breadth of customers the holiday park appeals to, Brean wanted to have an extensive range of hot beverages to match.

With so much on offer, the Brean Leisure Park aims to maximise visitor spend by encouraging customers to spend the whole day in the venue. Excellent catering facilities ensure customers have no need to venture offsite in search of refreshment, and Tetley has helped the destination deliver this with its vast range of recognisable blends.

The 55,000 visitors each year are spoilt for choice by the catering offer which includes a pub-style outlet known as the ‘The Tavern’; restaurant ‘Big Al’s Grill and Bar’, and numerous other QSR outlets. Tetley is a central component of the hot beverages menu in each of these locations.

 Brean Leisure serves the full Tetley range – including black tea, fruit and herbal, and Decaf blends. This means there’s an option for everyone, whether its customers seeking a traditional ‘builder’s brew’, health-conscious guests seeking decaffeinated options, or those looking for something different with the bright colours and bold flavours of Tetley’s fruit and herbal infusions.

Hot beverages are upsold with food in The Tavern, where diners get a free tea or coffee with their breakfast, while other outlets selling Tetley On The Go have seen strong sales throughout the whole park. With guests continuously on the move, especially in a leisure park where people want to get to the next ride as quickly as possible, Tetley On The Go has proven a popular option. This has certainly been the case on colder days as well, when the warmth of Tetley tea brings comfort to guests queuing for rides.

Brean Leisure knew it could boost sales by including the Tetley logo on its menus, demonstrating it serves tea from a much-loved brand. Customers are now reassured they’ll enjoy a cup of tea with a taste and colour they know and love.

Sharon Harris, senior F&B manager at Brean Leisure, says: “We are very pleased to be able to serve Tetley to our visitors. As a well-established tea brand, customers are automatically drawn to it because it’s a product they are familiar with. We’ve seen improved sales in hot beverages across the whole park since serving Tetley, and look forward to building on our partnership in the future.”

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