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TTA-CS1-1Gavellers Cafe Sees Success With Tetley On The Go

Set in the heart of The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, within the grounds of Beechenhurst Visitor Centre, Gavellers Cafe looked to Tetley's On The Go range to satisfy demand from both regular customers and visiting tourists for takeaway tea.

Now in his fourth year of trading at the cafe, owner Martyn Turner sees much of the demand derive from tourists, namely mountain bikers, walkers and families – many of whom want to grab and go so they can enjoy the day's planned activities.

Similarly, it is speed and convenience that Martyn is also looking for. One reason for Gavellers Cafe choosing Tetley On The Go and championing its success is because of its simplicity and taste: "Tetley On The Go is the perfect takeaway tea option for us at Gavellers as it's a complete package – simple, easy and cost-effective. I also chose Tetley because it's important that the tea we serve is good quality and satisfies consumer expectations," Martyn explains.


Regular On The Go customers of Gavellers Cafe are local walkers who enjoy the comfort of a warm tea on a typically wet UK day – the insulated cups are specially designed to retain heat – and also find it a refreshing option when the weather does fare a little better.

Martyn describes how Gavellers Cafe will be gearing up with Tetley On The Go for an expected three-fold increase in sales of tea during the summer: "We're looking forward to the next few months and will be stocking up on Tetley On The Go to make the most of the increased opportunities." The cafe already sees a steady 450 cups of Tetley On The Go sold per week.

And it's not all about the tea: Gavellers Cafe makes the most of customers looking to refuel as well as refresh, often selling a food item with a Tetley On The Go beverage. Research by Kantar World Panel also shows that tea's association with food is a growth area during breakfast and mid-morning*.

Gavellers Cafe uses Tetley posters and stand-up POS, in addition to the Tetley loyalty card scheme, which Martyn believes has helped to drive sales and encourage repeat visits: "The incentive of purchasing tea with the reward of a free cup is a real loyalty bonus especially for our regular customers who visit us in rain, wind or shine."

Martyn adds: "Overall our experience with Tetley and Tetley On The Go is one of real positivity. The product is great and reasonably priced, the sales representatives are professional and very helpful and more importantly, the product is popular with our customers." And due to this success, Gavellers Cafe has recently introduced additional flavours from Tetley's fruit and herbal range, meaning a complete tea offering of Tetley blends and increased brand reassurance for the cafe's customers.

*Kantar World Panel 2012

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