Tetley launch The Tea Report 2017

trIt’s well-known that Britain is a nation built on tea and that it has become an iconic symbol of British culture. Many would agree that practically anything can be solved over a steaming hot cuppa.

With this in mind, on the 7th December Tetley was excited to announce the official launch of The Tea Report 2017 at St James’ Court, A Taj Hotel, followed by a very fitting – and delicious - afternoon tea. The Tea Report 2017 is the first of an annual overview of the out of home tea market. Offering a deep dive into current market trends, providing category insight and purchasing analysis, the report has been created to support out of home operators. It cuts through the noise and shares insight and inspiration that means the most to operators - information that will shape the tea industry for years to come.

 Marshall Kingston, Senior Brand Manager - Out of Home, Tetley comments; “The launch of this report demonstrates our 180 years of expertise and commitment to providing the industry with the insight and advice to deliver a profitable tea offering. To engage and resonate with the tea drinker of tomorrow, the industry must continue to evolve and innovate, we hope our annual tea report will act as a key pillar and drive industry growth of the great British brew.

The purchase of tea out of home is rising in the UK, with almost 20 billion cups of tea served each year. Within the out of home tea industry, consumers’ purchasing habits are much more focused on social factors and indulgence as opposed to health. Moreover, consumers are much more likely to purchase food with tea over other hot beverages, increasing tray spend and greatly benefiting operators. The Tea Report 2017 offers operators the latest insight and information they need in order to take advantage of the significant opportunity that the Great British brew has to offer.

The Tea Report 2017 consists of research, which when put together constructs the complete landscape of the out of home tea market to date and also forecasts towards the future. It explores customer purchase habits, flavour preferences and the performance of tea across key out of home channels, including; the workplace, cafés, pubs and restaurants. The report also looks back to some of the key trends in 2016, and in to the future.

Available to download here, the Tea Report includes data from Kantar Worldpanel, Nielsen and MCA. Join the conversation @TetleyTeaOOH using #TeaReport and share your thoughts.

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